(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
External shape
1. form, formation, forming, figure, shape; make[up], conformation, configuration; make, frame[work], construction, cut, set, build, trim, cut of one's jib; stamp, type, cast, mold; organization, arrangement, disposition, stratification; fashion; contour, outline, silhouette; lines, features, lineaments; skeleton, broad outline; architecture, structure; sculpture. See symmetry, order.
2. feature, lineament, anatomy, profile; turn; phase, aspect, appearance; posture, attitude, pose.
3. square, rectangle (see angularity); circle, sphere, cylinder (see circularity, rotundity).
4. (study of form) morphology, histology, structural botany; isomorphism.
Verbs — form, shape, figure, fashion, carve, cut, chisel, hew, cast; rough-hew, rough-cast; sketch, silhouette, delineate; block out, hammer out; trim; lick or put into shape; model, knead, work up into, set, mold, sculpture; tailor; cast, stamp; build, construct.
Adjectives — formed, formative; plastic, fictile; isomorphous.
Quotations — Form ever follows function (Louis Sullivan).
Antonyms, see formlessness.
(Roget's IV) n.
1. [Shape]
Syn. figure, appearance, plan, arrangement, design, outline, conformation, configuration, formation, structure, style, stance, construction, fashion, mode, scheme, framework, Gestalt (German), contour, profile, silhouette, skeleton, anatomy, articulation.
2. [The human form]
Syn. body, frame, torso; see figure 2 .
3. [The approved procedure]
Syn. manner, mode, custom; see method 2 .
4. [Anything intended to give form]
Syn. pattern, model, die; see mold 1 .
5. [A standard document]
Syn. application, questionnaire, blank, data sheet, information, blank, form letter, duplicate, routine letter, pattern, chart, card, report, reference form, order form; see also copy .
6. [A rite]
Syn. ritual, formality, custom; see ceremony 2 .
7. [Type]
Syn. make, sort, class; see class 1 , kind 2 .
8. [Arrangement]
Syn. organization, placement, scheme; see order 3 .
9. [Convention]
Syn. habit, practice, usage; see custom 1 , 2 .
Syn.- form denotes the arrangement of the parts of a thing that gives it its distinctive appearance and is the broadest term here, applying also to abstract concepts; figure is applied to physical form as determined by the bounding lines or surfaces; outline is used of the lines bounding the limits of an object and, in an extended sense, suggests a general plan without detail; shape , although also stressing outline, is usually applied to something that has mass or bulk and may refer to nonphysical concepts [ her story began to take shape] ; configuration stresses the relative disposition of parts or elements [ an irregular configuration of streets, the configuration of the landscape ] v.
1. [To give shape to a thing]
Syn. mold, shape, pattern, model, arrange, make, block out, block, fashion, construct, devise, plan, design, contrive, produce, invent, frame, scheme, plot, compose, erect, build, cast, cut, carve, chisel, hammer out, forge, put together, plane, whittle, assemble, conceive, create, outline, trace, develop, cultivate, work, complete, finish, consummate, perfect, fix, regulate, knock together, establish, sculpture, sculpt, pat, bend, twist, knead, set, determine, arrive at, reach, settle, articulate.
Ant. destroy*, demolish, shatter.
2. [To give character to a person]
Syn. instruct, rear, breed, mold; see teach 1 , 2 , train 4 .
3. [To comprise]
Syn. constitute, make up, figure in, act as; see compose 1 .
4. [To take form]
Syn. accumulate, condense, harden, set, settle, rise, appear, take shape, grow, develop, unfold, mature, materialize, eventuate, become a reality, take on character, crystallize, assume definite characteristics, become visible, be finalized, fall into place, shape up*, get into shape*.
Ant. disappear*, dissolve, waste away.
See Synonym Study at make .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus)
1. shape configuration, contour, silhouette, outline, profile, cast, structure, figure, conformation, design, frame.
2. body anatomy, figure, build, frame, physique, shape.
3. mold cast, frame, model.
4. type kind, sort, variety, class, genus, species, order.
5. procedure way, ceremony, formality, ritual, custom, decorum, motions, formula, protocol, method, mode, format.
6. document application, sheet, questionnaire.
1. shape mold, cast, frame, design, make, produce, construct, build, fabricate, *hammer out, fashion, manufacture, invent, create, concoct.
2. organize found, establish, start, incept.
3. materialize arise, appear, *take shape, crystallize, come into being.
4. comprise compose, constitute, make up.
(Roget's Thesaurus II) I noun 1. The external outline of a thing: cast, configuration, figure, pattern, shape. See SURFACE. 2. A document used in applying, as for a job: application. See SEEK, WORDS. 3. An accepted way of doing something: convention. See USUAL. 4. A conventional social gesture or act without intrinsic purpose: ceremony, formality, ritual. See RITUAL, USUAL. 5. A state of sound readiness: condition, fettle, fitness, kilter, order, shape, trim. See BETTER. 6. A hollow device for shaping a fluid or plastic substance: cast, matrix, mold. See SURFACE. II verb 1. To give form to by or as if by pressing and kneading: model, mold, shape. See SURFACE. 2. To create by combining parts or elements: build, compose, configure, pattern, shape, structure. See MAKE. 3. To come gradually to have: acquire, develop. See GET. 4. To be the constituent parts of: compose, constitute, make (up). See BE.

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